Tips to Create a good Social Media Content Calender

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Tips to Create a good Social Media Content Calender

Why do I need a social media calendar?

Social media can be active at all time of the day, so why do you only post updates when you are online?

This can be a perfect reason to start a social media calendar for your social media account. If you use a third-party scheduler, you can manage multiple social media accounts and always have content posting at different times.

The characteristics of an excellent social media content calendar

·         Make sure to add icons which represent each platform next to the title of your post.

·         Your calendar should show the name of your writers who are responsible for creating, publishing and promoting each piece of your content.

·         Your social media content calendar should be easy to read and contain all the information you need for your content marketing strategy.

·         You should have a separate calendar sheet for each month, with activities further broken down by each day of the week.