The Benefits of Social Media for B2B

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The Benefits of Social Media for B2B

Social media is the digital marketing tool with the potential to give you the most result for your business – and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. What do you know about the benefits social media can provide to B2B brands?

B2B Benefits

Social media will help to generate leads for more than half of all B2B companies. However, that isn’t the only benefit to be had from a good social media strategy.

B2B marketers has reported these benefits for using social media:

·         50% reduced their marketing expenses

·         55% grew their business partnerships

·         55% established thought leadership

·         58% improved their search engine rankings

·         69% developed loyal fans

·         77% increased their traffic

·         90% increased their exposure

Top social media sites for B2B

Facebook may be the best one with 1.59 billion users per month, but the best business platform of last year was Instagram, which increased its monthly active users to the tune of 400 million in 12 months– not even Facebook can grow that much. Other social media options include:


·         YouTube at 1.44 billion monthly users

·         Twitter at 320 million active users

·         Pinterest at 100 million active monthly users

·         LinkedIn has up to 400 million users, but only 25% use it monthly.



·         17% of B2B service businesses have not been able to determine the impact of social media on their business

·         Only 30% of B2B marketing projects use marketing analytics

·         15% of B2B companies find it challenging to meet “the expectations of the always-connected 

Tips and tricks

What should I do to get the most out of social media?

·         Include pictures in your posts

·         Start an employee promotion campaign

·         Invest in shareable content

·         Get into live streaming with Facebook Live

·         Try new platforms

·         experiment with 360-degree video