How to become a social media manager?

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How to become a social media manager?

When we want to talk about a social media manager, The first thing that comes into people’s mind is a person who spends all her time on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, sharing images and memories for having fun, but these are just small parts of being a social media manager, you cannot be a professional social media manager if you don’t learn how to do it. A professional, scientific way to become a good manager can only give you all you want.

Let’s see what Social Media Manager is NOT? A social media manager is not a person who posts on social media for you or those people who are famous and can buy likes and followers for you. A social media manager is a professional person who owns a company and can guide your social media life through your goals and make your business what you always wanted to be.

What should Social Media Managers be able to?


People may think that SEO (search engine optimization) is an entirely distinct field which has nothing to do with social media managers, but they are all wrong. According to the recent researches by powerful social media analysts for having a powerful business and managing all your abilities, it’s better to know about SEO because you are dealing with social media and its related platforms.



The ambition to learn new thing

People are always watching you. So one step back or one small goof will change their mind about you and your business. One of the most important complementary options for every social media manager is to be knowledgeable and up-to-date. It’s better to be aware of every new features and options before your clients understand. In this case, you will be your client’s powerful, trusted source who can make them update too.


The knowledge of Copywriting

Social media managers write in all social media platforms, and the ability to know what to write and how to write is the thing that makes Copywriting one powerful option that every social media manager should be able to. You must be able to create a content that attracts your brand’s audience, but we have different social media platforms that every one of them has their unique style. For example; Twitter is more about your brand’s news and feature. But Instagram is totally different because Instagram’s users are searching for fun.


Recognize your competitors

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Knowing your competitors will give you a crystal clear point of view about what to do to have less challenging moments in your business. Know what your competitors are doing. It doesn’t mean that you follow whatever they do. When you have brief information about their campaigns and what they are focusing on, it’s enough for you to know how to improve your campaign and what kind of factors you need to test.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

Sun Tzu

 What do you need as a social media manager?

Becoming a powerful social media manager requires a bunch of elements that would complete your business. After passing the above steps and gaining enough knowledge and skills, you need the below factors to see your favorite result. It is something like cooking delicious food. First, you go shopping and buy your necessary ingredients and then cook your food with the help of fire, stove, spoon, and pots .



Whatever you choose as your particular field to work on it, the first thing you need, is the client or the people and followers that become your client. Focus on your follower’s need and make yourself one of the most powerful ones on that subject; in this case, you can keep them beside you.


Social Media Management Tools

As a Social media manager you need some tools that help you promote your business sooner. There are a lot of social media management tools that you should know about.



 The powerful option that makes HootSuite this popular is that it won’t let you be worried about your multiple accounts, you can easily manage them add accounts and schedule all your posts in all the social media platforms. One of the most important thing that will affect your business is the result you get from your social media. HootSuite helps you to track your performance and analyze your socials.



 While several tools will help you to monitor your social accounts, Forbes has an eye on HubSpot and recommended to use it for monitoring and sharing your social accounts. HubSpot gives users some other options. Such as Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub that every one of them has popular features for its users.



TweetDeck’s long-lasting shows that how one tool can be successful. TweetDeck is one of the best ways to be a part of Twittersphere. With this tool, you can follow a group of conversations at once. TweetDeck helps you enjoy using all twitter’s new improvement.


Google Analytics

One way that you can recognize you are on the right path in your business: is to analyze every one of your activities and see is that result what you wanted it to be or not? Google Analytics is the one that can manage all our social media platforms. It can give details about your Facebook engagement or which platform could drive more traffic to your site last month.



Financial Transaction

You may think that building a business and getting clients are the central part of your job. But the problem is most social media managers don’t think about the way they will get their money. Define a process for exchanging money with your clients or customers, and make it clear for them before you start your work.



It doesn’t matter how big or powerful you are. The result you get will show your customers to decide about stating on your side or not. Because they want to see what they want and of course, more engagement and more sales are the things they wanted to see. Here is the question that everyone wants to know.



How much is the average social media manager’s salary?

 Social media managers have Different range of salary all over the world. Let’s see what the average salary in united states for social media managers is. The average salary estimate is based on a large number of manager’s salary that submitted in Indeed. Based on this small statistical population, social media managers earn $48,174 each year in the united states.


Final thought 

Lastly, I conclude that to be an excellent social media manager, you should be expert in all social media and digital marketing options, Similar to the things that fuller said in his quote.

“If you truly desire to be a really good social media manager, learn the fundamentals of marketing and writing first. Learn as much as you can … then put what you learn into practice for yourself, then work with others for free or [a] low fee so you can get some real experience under your belt.”      Alice Fuller